10 Best Reusable Coffee Cups to Promote Your Business

As promotional products go, reusable coffee cups are arguably the best merchandise for your business to invest in. They’re low cost, highly accessible, and help you boost brand awareness, enhance your reputation and increase your visibility with every sip.  

Did you know that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day across the globe? That amounts to roughly 500 billion cups a year. In other words, a whole lot of daily promotion opportunities, right there in your audience’s hands. 

Beyond being a sippable billboard for your business, reusable coffee cups also send the message that your business does its part for the environment. With consumers becoming increasingly concerned with their preferred brands’ environmental credentials and sustainability efforts, there has never been a better time to market your business as one that cares about the future of the planet.  

So, which reusable coffee cup will boost your business?  

Believe it or not, there are plenty of reusable coffee cups out there, and each one tells a slightly different brand story. Let’s take a closer look at our top 10 best-selling promotional cups and help you discover the best reusable coffee cup for your brand.  

Two promotional bamboo double wall cups with logo and lids

The Enviro-Warrior: Bamboo Double Wall Cup  

If you’re looking for the ultimate environmentally friendly reusable coffee cup, then look no further. Our hugely popular Bamboo Double Wall Cup is made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant on the planet. Meaning that it’s one of the world’s most renewable materials. Not to mention the fact that it is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and, boasting a stainless-steel inner wall. It’ll keep your clients’ drinks hot or cold for longer. 

Express Cup Deluxe

Plastic Free Please: Express Cup Deluxe – Cork Band  

Another non-plastic reusable coffee cup. This super stylish reusable cup is made of polypropylene which is shatterproof, odour-resistant, and BPA-free. Showcasing a trendy heat-resistant cork band. If you’re looking for reusable coffee cups with lids, this affordable option has a cup, lid, and flip closure that can be mixed and matched in multiple colour combinations to complement your brand logo.  

Himalayan Vacuum Logo Branded Tumbler

A Whole Lotta Coffee: Himalayan Vacuum Logo Branded Tumbler

Arguably the best reusable coffee cup in Australia for those who want to enjoy large amounts of caffeine on the go. This stainless-steel reusable cup can hold up to 550ml of liquid and can keep your drinks hot for hours on end.  

With a larger surface area – this is the perfect option if you want to showcase both your brand name and your brand logo. As well as any other key information about your business. 

Branded Java Vacuum Cup - 230ml

Pick Your Colour: Branded Java Vacuum Cup  

If you’re searching for a simple yet highly effective reusable coffee mug to gift to your clients, this is the best reusable coffee cup. Available in a range of bold and vibrant colours, this leak-proof cup makes the perfect travel mug.   

Plus, when it comes to reusable coffee cup benefits, this versatile cup can be customised in many different ways. Allowing you to promote your brand in a visually appealing and memorable way.  

Cordia Vacuum Cup – Powder Coated

The Luxe Travel Mug: Cordia Vacuum Cup – Powder Coated  

The best reusable coffee cup for brands in the leisure, hospitality, or travel industry. This promotional cup offers excellent heat retention and the ability to keep drinks cold for several hours. Making it the ideal choice for people on the go.  

With a stunning stainless-steel finish, timeless curved design and a sleek transparent lid, this reusable cup is both practical and visually appealing.  

One Tough Cuppa: Barista Coffee Cup

One of our most durable and hard-wearing reusable cups – the Barista Coffee Cup is compact and highly practical. With a sleek stainless steel outer wall, your company name and logo are guaranteed to stand out and be noticed when you pick this as your preferred promotional merchandise.

This coffee cup is not dishwasher safe and should be washed by hand.  

Cafe Cup – Grande

Best Value For Money: Café Cup Grande

Ideal for those who love to be seen with a Starbucks. This trendy and eye-catching cup can be customised with up to five different colour variations at no extra cost. And is the perfect choice for brands who want maximum exposure from their chosen promotional products.  

To answer the question, what is the best reusable coffee cup? If you’re looking for the maximum ROI, then this is the coffee mug for your business.  

Logo Corvette Coffee Cup

For The Love of Gym & Java: Logo Corvette Coffee Cup

Looking to appeal to gym goers and adventure types? The Corvette Cup is the best reusable coffee cup. Boasting a patterned stainless steel outer wall and shaped in the same style as a sports drink container. This cup also has a splashproof flip closure, making it the perfect choice for fast-paced coffee drinkers.  

Choose to either pad print or laser engrave your company name and logo for a sleek and stylish finished product that is guaranteed to boost brand awareness and improve brand perception.  

The Tree-Lover: Oakridge Double Wall Cup

Another great choice for businesses wanting to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer is that this Oakridge Double Wall reusable coffee cup offers a unique soft-touch natural cork outer coating that keeps drinks hotter for longer and looks as good as it feels.  

Plus, as it’s manufactured from polypropylene, its BPA-free, so you can market this product as a safe alternative to plastic cups.  

Nova Cup – Borosilicate 350ml

The All-Rounder: Nova Cup – Borosilicate Glass Coffee Cup

Looking to target a wider audience? The borosilicate glass coffee cup’s elegant and classy style makes it a sophisticated cup for any age and gender. It’s lightweight, exceptionally strong and shatter-resistant.

With a secure push on silicone lid and a wide heat-resistant silicone band it’s a suitable travel cup for any activity. The lid and band can be mixed and matched in any colour combination making it easy to choose colours to suit your brand.

Not sure which is the best reusable coffee cup for your business?

Contact us and we’ll give you expert advice on the reusable coffee cup that’ll best suit your brand and promotional needs.

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