6 Ways to Build Brand Awareness with Reusable Coffee Cups

Whether you’re a brand new business or a well-established brand, finding out how to increase brand awareness should be one of your main marketing objectives. With the ability to attract new customers, increase sales and ultimately, make you more money, building brand awareness is not as easy as it looks.

That being said, there is one sure-fire way to build awareness and attract your target audience.

Reusable coffee cups. Or, more specifically, promotional reusable coffee cups that are specifically designed to showcase your brand and increase brand recognition.  

Not convinced that a simple cup can get the right people talking about your brand?

Keep reading to discover six ways that you can build brand awareness with reusable coffee cups and other key promotional products.

1. Choose a high-quality product

If you want to boost brand awareness and get people talking about your brand for all the right reasons, you need to make sure that the promotional product you pick is of good quality. In this case, it means selecting a reusable coffee cup that both looks good and does the job.

You also need to ensure that the coffee cup in question will go the distance. As the last thing you want is for your customers to associate your brand with a cup that leaks, spills, or falls apart at the drop of a hat.

2. Create an eye-catching design

When learning how to build brand awareness with a reusable coffee cup, or indeed any promotional product, you need to ensure that the design is simple yet also able to catch the eyes of potential customers. Of course, you’ll want to include your logo and tagline, as well as some sort of CTA (call to action) such as your website URL or email address. But you may also wish to consider adding a memorable illustration or a saying that will attract people’s attention.

3. Give them away for free

So simple, yet so effective. If you want maximum exposure from your chosen promotional products, then give them away for free. You may not be able to stretch your budget to giving every customer a free coffee cup. But you could choose to reward your most loyal customers or take them to your next tradeshow to give out to potential new clients.

Always remember, people love to feel valued. And giving away a free promotional item is a great way to achieve this. Plus, it can encourage people to talk about your brand and your products – always a good thing!

4. Promote them on social media

There are many different ways that you can incorporate branded reusable coffee cups into your social media marketing strategy. You could ask your employees to pose for a picture using one of your branded cups and post it on your social media profiles. You could run a competition to give away some reusable coffee cups or other promotional products. Or you could even ask your customers to post pictures of themselves using cups that you’ve given away.

Whatever you choose to do, social media is a key component when it comes to how to generate brand awareness using promotional products. Plus, it costs virtually nothing!

5. Write about them in your blog

As part of your overall content marketing strategy, you may have a regular blog that you post on your website. If you do, then why not talk about your new reusable coffee cups and their many benefits? Not only will this help to build brand awareness. But it’ll also help you to create great, shareable content that might even go viral.

Remember the first rule of content marketing – provide your audience with something useful. This means information that’ll actively make their lives easier, and products that will solve a problem.

6. Give them to influencers

You may or may not have heard of influencer marketing. But it is a great strategy when it comes to how to achieve brand awareness. In its simplest form, influencer marketing is when you partner your brand with an influencer or blogger within your niche. So that you can expose your business to their audience.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to influencer marketing is that it must be a two-way street. You cannot expect a top influencer to simply promote your products or services for nothing in return. So, why not give them some freebies in the form of promotional products? It’s a win-win. They can enjoy the practicality of the product, and you get free advertising on their platforms.

Promoting Your Business with a Cup and more

When it comes to how to drive brand awareness, sometimes you need to think outside the box. Promotional products are affordable, long-lasting, and add real value to the customer experience. All of which will improve your brand awareness efforts considerably.

Need help designing your promotional reusable coffee cups? Or maybe you’re interested in a different promotional product? Get in touch with our experienced team today, and we’ll help you learn how to achieve brand awareness. With minimal effort and maximum results.

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