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Promotional Branded Backpacks

Branded backpacks are one of the most visually effective promotional bags. Providing your brand with a highly visible and noticeable advertising space.

Regarded just as much a fashion accessory as a practical item. Promotional backpacks offer you the opportunity to be seen as a trendsetting and contemporary brand.

The perfect product for building brand awareness and increasing brand visibility. People make direct eye contact with these types of bags on a daily basis. Whether that be when waiting for a train, visiting the gym, or walking to school. There are so many occasions for your company logo to be seen by the masses.

Why choose custom promotional backpacks as your marketing strategy?

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Extensive range to choose from

Here at Great Creates, we offer an extensive range of branded backpacks. Including campus backpacks for students, anti-theft backpacks for added safety, tote backpacks for those looking for a more compact urban-styled bag.

Our best-selling company logo backpacks are both affordable and long-lasting. With adjustable shoulder straps for additional comfort and versatility. Designed to be practical, fashionable, and adaptable to each individual owner’s needs. Aligning your business with a promotional product of this quality can work wonders for your overall brand image and brand perception.

Branded backpacks are used by all demographics and across all locations. Making them a highly effective form of mobile advertising. Choose from a variety of vibrant and eye-catching colours, styles, and shapes. All can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.

Unique Characteristics with Simple Designs

Our corporate backpacks with logos have several unique characteristics that make them ideal for brand promotion. Including longevity for maximum brand exposure, style and quality for enhanced customer experience. And a high level of useability for increased audience appeal.

Plus, we provide branded backpacks that are fairly simple in design. Meaning you can find options to suit every budget. Whether you want low-cost, budget-friendly giveaway promotional backpacks. Or you want to invest in higher-value branded backpacks to give as corporate gifts, we can help you.

Work in the travel industry or have customers that are constantly on the go? Don’t miss our range of bullet branded backpacks that are lightweight and compact. Making them ideal for work trips or travelling abroad. Super stylish and with the ability to easily fit in a suitcase or weekend bag. Sit back and watch as your brand goes international!

Durable backpacks

If your target audience prides themselves on their sense of adventure, check out our fashion-inspired Venture backpack. It provides extreme durability and is abrasion resistance, as well as being colourfast and waterproof. You could even boost your social media marketing efforts by asking customers to post pictures of themselves pursuing their passions.

Why choose Great Creates as your promotional bags supplier?

At Great Creates we bring new light to an age-old industry. With a selection of promotional products from the classics to what’s trending on social media. And personalised expert advice on the merchandise that’ll make your brand unforgettable. We offer low minimum order quantities on our promotional products. So you can get the quantity you need. If you need a lower quantity than what is listed on the product just let us know and we’ll see if we can accommodate.

Browse our full range of branded backpacks below and find the perfect promotional backpack or rucksack for your business.

Have a question or need some help designing your promotional backpacks? Get in contact with us. Our knowledgeable team is standing by to help you create the perfect promotional backpack for your brand.

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