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Branded Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards may be small in their design. But they most definitely pack a punch when it comes to highly effective but low-cost advertising.

Considered to be an essential item for most businesses. The beauty of branded lanyards is their natural ability to provide a professional presence with very little fuss.

They’re an ideal promotional product for increasing brand awareness and boosting brand loyalty. Bespoke printed lanyards are highly visible and will work hard for you every time your employees or customers wear them.

We stock a wide range of lanyards. Including options made from sustainable fabrics for the eco-conscious business. 3D branding lanyards for those who want to attract maximum attention. And custom reflector lanyards that are ideal for night workers.

Branded Lanyards are for All Occasions

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Whether you’re thinking of purchasing promotional lanyards to give to your office employees. Or you’re attending an industry networking event, and you want to give a memorable impression. Logo lanyards are both a powerful marketing tool and a highly practical product.

You can hand them out to staff to simplify security. Give to guests to avoid awkward introductions. Wear with pride to industry events. And so much more. You can even create trade show lanyards that will help your business stand out from the competition for all the right reasons. Buy in bulk, give out for free and enjoy enhanced brand recognition throughout the day and beyond.

Need to boost employee morale? Although branded lanyards may seem fairly innocuous, they can create a great sense of unity among your team. Boosting team spirits and employee engagement. Plus, with options from as little as $.070, you can instigate some much-needed in-house motivation without even making a dent in your team building budget.

If you think that promotional lanyards are only suitable for corporate businesses and working professionals, then think again. Printed lanyards are also ideal for students and schoolchildren, offering enhanced pupil safety and a sense of unity. Use to distinguish different year groups, demonstrate an allergy or health condition, or minimise the chance of lost students during an outing. Our best-selling 3-in-1 charging lanyard is ideal for use in schools and workplaces, providing a USB plug for iPhones and a USB-C Android connector.

Brand Recognition

Do not miss the opportunity to incorporate your promotional lanyards, complete with your company logo, into all your corporate branding efforts. Such as your promo videos and company brochures. Providing a professional and unified impression that will stand the test of time.

Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours to complement your brand’s corporate style. As well as options that will suit all budgets.

Why choose Great Creates as your printed lanyards supplier?

At Great Creates we bring new light to an age-old industry. With a selection of promotional products from the classics to what’s trending on social media. And personalised expert advice on the merchandise that’ll make your brand unforgettable. We offer low minimum order quantities on our products. So you can get the quantity you need. If you need a lower quantity than what is listed on the product just let us know and we’ll see if we can accommodate.

Browse our extensive range of custom lanyards below and find the perfect promotional lanyard for your business.

Have a question, or need some help designing? Contact us. Our knowledgeable team is standing by to help you create the perfect lanyards for your brand.

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